the first time I listened to Josh Groban was in 2002, I was only 13 years old, but only really became a fan in 2003. Josh's personality, humor, easy-going'ness with his friends/fans got my lil' heart. He's such an amazing human being, there truly should be more man like him out there. His voice is one of the best in the business. I could not be happier to have been a Grobie .aka. Grobanite for almost 9 years. Also to have met other amazing Grobies which I've been friends for years now. All because of him. Be nice to each other, always! No matter what ;) xoxo grobz grobz :)>

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On the January 2012 Issue of US WEEKLY Josh speaks of Ben Flajnik "The Bachelor" 

Josh :Rafael Nadal and I had a love child. He’s now looking for love on ABC. We wish him the best.” 

Joshhhhh, you crack us up. Wonder why we love your humor. :D

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 Josh Groban,  Ben Flajnik,  Rafael Nadal,  US Weekly Magazine,  January 2012

I went to bed it was nearly 3am. I could not sleep at all, probably due to the excitement, knowing that I’d wake up and that there would be a Music Video to one of the most beautiful songs ever. I set up my alarm clock for 9am. Woke up, yawned, watched the video one first time and teared up a bit. Watched it a second, third, fourth, fifth time and still cried. The video captured all that Josh is about on his Tours, the love for his fans etc. It was such a long and beautiful journey, all captured in a 3:42 minute video. They were right (Josh and Chris) when they both said they thought the video was probably the most beautiful music video he’s ever had. He was right. I love all the other music videos, but this one was so perfect. #ICried #JoshIfYouWalkAwayIWillFollowYou *Wink*

*NOW, enjoy some Giffy Gifs from the music video…* :)

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Send in your ??? to LiveWithKelly And Josh Groban…

Send in your questions to . It could be picked & answered by  & Kelly today, tomorrow or Friday ;) 

<3 Yahoooo :)

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 Josh Groban,  Kelly Rippa,  Live With Kelly
Watch the livestream of Live with Kelly (with Josh as host) at this link.

I fell asleep with the link on my twitter. LMAO! So far, that’s the only one I found that is somewhat of “decent quality”. It will do for now :D  

Josh’s looking soooo good! :)



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Daddy’s back from South Africa, and Sweeney couldn’t be happier! yayyyyyyy to walkiessssss! Cutest picture ever! <3 #JoshGroban #Sweeney

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I miss Groban’s Garden.


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 josh groban

i love it!

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Straight to You Tour - ON THE ROAD: Additional South African Dates Added:

Big Concerts and Algoa FM are proud to present “A Special Evening with Josh Groban” Live on The Fields at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Friday 2nd December. This will be the last and final date as part of his South African tour where he will be performing at The Superbowl, Sun City, on 26th and…


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Now I know this entire episode was really moving. I know this scene is one that starts the waterworks but is it really awful that I just couldn’t stop laughing at the robes (and the inadvertent innuendo…)?

so young, so talented, so handsome!

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